Winter gear


I bought a “neck warmer” this spring from the “slow shipping from China” part of ebay. It was cold enough this morning to try it out on the laundry run. In temperatures around freezing, this did really well. I was able to breathe as well as I ever can with my mouth and nose covered, and my glasses didn’t fog. Coming home after noon, the temperature was a few degrees higher and the mask warmed up, but that’s okay.

That’s basically all the new winter gear. The rest is the knit cap, same blue gloves, and the rest of the gear I use anyhow. Of course, the jackets are in layers. I’m adding sweats over my pants more as time goes on, because thermal underwear gets too warm indoors. I have “gaiters,” which protect the calves from getting wet walking or biking in snow or rain, but I may not need them for weeks yet.

In other news, the Lifeline government (privatized) phone gives me trouble as expected. I ran out of minutes and money. I have spent my last $6 trying twice to get another day’s service. After two emails each way, the voice service suddenly came back this evening with no explanation. I have no idea how long it will last, but I’ll use it while I can. I hope and expect to get the free minutes on the first of the month and add money to make that unlimited minutes. So much for “free” phone service, huh? I HAVE TEXTING even when the voice minutes run out. I just don’t like using it, but it’s much better than nothing.

I haven’t had much energy lately, which is one reason I’m not posting more. I have had a couple of nights I didn’t sleep well, but as I have stated before, night-time sleep doesn’t have much effect on the daytime hypersomnia. I got nine hours of good, sound sleep last night (!) and didn’t do much either physically or mentally today, but about 5 p.m. (1700), I nearly fell asleep sitting up. Now (9 p.m., 2100), I’m relatively awake.

Take care of yourself. Nobody else can.


2 thoughts on “Winter gear

  1. foothillbilly Post author

    Thank you very much, Wendy! I saved it for when I’m wider awake, but the basics look very good for me, especially the unlimited voice. I’ll have to work on the broadband part, because that takes more focus for me than I have right now.


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