Interesting day!


Last Thursday was the first of the month, and I kept busy, awake or not. Here are a couple of highlights.

I went to Walmart and came home with my big backpack looking like this (above). It occurred to me as I returned that it looked very heavy. Really, I filled most of the space with toilet paper and the big bag of stuff at the top is dry cereal (very light). The whole thing probably didn’t weigh 10 pounds, bag and all. I wonder how many other ordinary things we all “mis-underestimate” as W used to say.

I thought of building a whole post around that, but I haven’t had enough energy to power that kind of writing, so I didn’t. Then a whole other thing happened.

A guy I know from a meeting called and asked if he could come by. He said he had “something” for me. I trust him, so I said to come on.

He arrived with a big box and a short story. A co-worker of his bought his wife a microwave as a gift, then found out she wanted a different one. He took the first one to work, unopened, and “gave it away,” according to my friend. Knowing I needed a microwave, he brought it to me. He stunned me by doing that. It’s great, and “thank you” doesn’t begin to cover it, but that’s all I had.


So here’s what the kitchen wall looks like now. I took the top shelf off the shelf unit and made an end table of it. Then I moved the coffee pot there and put the microwave on the stand. This works out neatly.

I had one odd incident with the microwave. The first time I used it, I got a horrendous smell like burning plastic. I still have not found it, but I must have missed a piece of the packing material when I unpacked it. The smell has not come back “fresh,” but it stuck around until this afternoon, when I left part of a box of baking soda inside the microwave for a few hours.

The microwave only has 700 watts, and I didn’t expect it to cook very well. Wrong answer! It does as well as any microwave I’ve ever used. Thanks, Tim!

(I keep trying to link this to Facebook and Twitter. Oh, well.)



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