Accomplishments: Filing System, New Chair, Drying Rack

I have been accomplishing things this weekend, and I like that far better than the exciting/chaotic times I once had. It beats sleeping or sitting here in a daze, too.

Friday evening was boring but will serve my needs. I finally got filing supplies and set up a new filing system. I found the file box a month or more ago at the VOA Thrift in Galloway, but hadn’t used it until now. This may be the dullest picture I ever post, but for people dealing with SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, “Part D,” SNAP, and all the rest; keeping track of all the paper really counts.


File box 12-9-2016

I’m not done with my filing yet. There’s a mini-mountain of paper waiting, but I can work it down now that I have the basic setup.

The weather has chilled. Saturday (yesterday) tested my winter gear setup, and I enjoyed the results. The neck warmer/face mask (prior posting) not only lets me breathe well, but it neither fogs my glasses nor collects condensation. The condensation improvement makes it the best face mask I’ve ever used.

Yesterday I took a trip to the VOA Thrift (again). The most important objective was to try to find a chair at the thrift shop. I use one chair at my computer and most of the time. The one I’ve been using was a $1 deal back in July or August from a nearby thrift, but I’ve worn out the legs. It looked like this:


Notice how the front legs slant a little wrong? So did I. I figured in somewhere between a day and a month it would fall apart and dump me on the floor. So yesterday,  I took the time to find a different chair. Neither I nor the clerk could read the price marked on it. She sold it to me for my favorite price, $1.91. I had to carry it to the bus stop and from the bus stop back here. The bus driver was friendly and helpful, and I’m glad for that. It’s a little big to take onto the bus.


New used chair 12-10-2016

This is way better. Besides giving me a safer seat, I also get much more comfort. It’s even short-legged enough that I can rest my feet  on the floor.

While I was looking around yesterday, I noticed a clothes drying rack. I have wanted one of those since I moved, and there it was. I could not carry both that and my chair yesterday, so I had to take my chances and go back today. Got it! This fits neatly inside my bathtub for the dripping part of drying clothes, then I can easily move it close to my wall heater. Here it is with a few cleaning cloths for a test use.


You can’t really see my new jacket in the background, but I got that today too.

I like this kind of weekend. It’s not exciting, but it improves my life.


10 thoughts on “Accomplishments: Filing System, New Chair, Drying Rack

  1. lcy

    Like your filing system @lot, what type of material & how heavy is it ? I posses one, but is an upright wooden cabinet, big, heavy & clumsy not practical shall I find myself in need to grab the important papers & flee ( earthquake, fires-danger ). The drying rack is nice, like the space-saving quality of it. I use a regular rope with one snap hook on each end, of course I’m unable to use it outside, to HOA’s this practice is SIN & they will fine us if we get caught drying out clothes in such a ‘ barbaric fashion ‘. LOL, I got caught once & they sent me a warning…from then on I dry my clothes on the line but into the garage !! There is more than a way to skin a cat.

  2. foothillbilly Post author

    The filing system is simply a plastic box with grooves at the top of the main box to hold hanging files. The box itself weighs less than a pound, maybe less than half a pound. The supplies are simply the hanging files and manila folders to hold the papers. I have seen these for around $12 at Walmart. I have been using an accordion file for several years, but I out grew it. Also, I had been using a category filing system with it and reached the point of needing to file by name of the company, agency, etc.

    I have a whole rant about why I would not live under an HOA, but you’ve already run into that issue. Apartment management, for the most part, is no better but apartments are usually cheaper. Folks who use clotheslines usually don’t deal with either of those entities.

    I’m not sure how clothesline users deal with winter, but the drying rack is what my mother used half a century ago. I have wanted a drying rack of my own off and on for a long time, so this is a good moment for me.

    1. lcy

      Glad you got yourself the drying rack, enjoy !!. Regarding drying clothes on @ clothes-line there used to be a movement pro IT, called: ‘ the right to dry ‘ & another that went by the title of ‘ the laundry list ‘, they accomplished some victories, no as many as wished, but is better than nothing, It’s been said that last year Governor Jerry Brown ( in California ) passed a law by which is unlawful to harass people that wishes to dry his / her clothes on a clothes line ( need to do some research regarding that law ). In regard of how to deal with wet clothes hanging in winter-time, I figure it depends on what latitud you’re located . No problems drying on a line in Arizona, Nevada or California while probably will be difficult in Washington State. One thing I wonder is what will it happen if I hanged my clothes OUT to dry where I live- now with the new law is in place…I’m kind of chicken down after the warning i received, besides i dislike conflict. Might as well I stay put & don’t raise waves ( just in case) LOL.

  3. foothillbilly Post author

    I agree with how that would work in dry climates. That’s one more reason I’d like to live in that part of the country. However, we don’t have that here in Ohio. As far as taking on conflicts, I’ve been “different” in various ways all of my life. I grew up in a small place, too, and the conformity is even worse there. Now I’m old enough and tired enough of conflict to choose my battles carefully. The drying rack lets me be who I am without arguing about it and year round. That’s a pretty good deal.

  4. lcy

    Now we are talking !! With D’ 2017 SS COLA we’ll able to buy some dental floss & maybe, just maybe, a small tube of tooth paste…LOL.

  5. foothillbilly Post author

    My particular COLA will be $2. I already spent it on a tube of toothpaste and a jug of laundry detergent at Dollar Tree. Now to see where it will be taken away. Probably SNAP. “They” don’t want us eating too high on the hog.


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