Ok, but living quietly


Stolen from Wendy Usually Wanders

Asthma, arthritis, attention deficit  . . . that’s just the A’s. I’m feeling it with the weather swings. I’m ok, but I’m not doing anything interesting enough (even to me) to make a good posting. I asked a friend who has asthma and has traveled a lot how different places affect her breathing, and she singled out the humidity in Ohio as a problem. Yep. That and the fact that the weather changes radically from day to day here. Today was 25 degrees colder at 5 p.m. than yesterday. Tomorrow, snow. The next day, who knows? Tornadoes? Waterspouts?


4 thoughts on “Ok, but living quietly

  1. lcy

    a) Funny but true statements in the sign.
    b) Cold & humidity & heat & humidity…mmmmm not good for us babies in old wrinkled bodies.
    c) What about living in Arizona or Nevada ?

  2. foothillbilly Post author

    Exactly. (C) One of those or the El Paso, TX/Las Cruces, NM area. The California desert would be even better because of politics, but no place in California comes close to affordable rents.

    1. lcy

      Certainly, California is very expensive place, imagine a studio apartment $ 1200- $ 1340… Then add utilities, now, how do you buy groceries ?

  3. foothillbilly Post author

    I buy groceries with SNAP benefits. I spent some time on a couple of California craigslists last night. It would take more research, but there are a few possibilities in the deserts close to the Arizona line, which is where I’d go. I also need to research much more on how subsidized housing works, but that’s probably a longshot.


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