About the Car Thing


Car in Wendy’s driveway 3-2-2017

I took this picture through the window of a city bus today. (The yellow arc is some reflection on the glass.)  This car looked noticeably better than most I’ve ever owned until the right front wheel changed directions on its own. The people were just getting to Wendy’s when this happened and surely had no idea the car would break down. I’m a little sad for them and also glad I’m not one of them. Also, here’s a lesson in car ownership. If I can’t afford to deal with something like this, I’m not ready to own a motor vehicle.


2 thoughts on “About the Car Thing

  1. lcy

    Oh boy, it must be sort of spooky to be driving on the FWY 65-70 MPH & all of the sudden having one of your front wheels going out of control. Certainly, it would not be my cup of tea…LOL.

  2. foothillbilly Post author

    Oh, my, I hadn’t thought of that. Where I saw it was at the entrance to a Wendy’s fast-food place. I don’t know if this happens at freeway speeds or not. The idea of that happening on the freeway adds a whole new dimension of fear to this situation. I only thought of the sudden loss of the car as a money issue.


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