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About the Car Thing


Car in Wendy’s driveway 3-2-2017

I took this picture through the window of a city bus today. (The yellow arc is some reflection on the glass.)  This car looked noticeably better than most I’ve ever owned until the right front wheel changed directions on its own. The people were just getting to Wendy’s when this happened and surely had no idea the car would break down. I’m a little sad for them and also glad I’m not one of them. Also, here’s a lesson in car ownership. If I can’t afford to deal with something like this, I’m not ready to own a motor vehicle.


Nice From Indoors

Pretty much any scenery (other than trash cans) is nice as seen from a safe, comfortable place out of the weather on a full stomach. Experienced outdoors, it’s usually different.

I got home today just as the rain began. It looks benign from my doorway. My friend in Spokane, WA, has been posting pictures of her husband shoveling large amounts of snow with lighthearted comments. However, I have walked miles in rain and snow. Even if I have the right gear, it’s far more difficult than driving in it or staying indoors. I’m counting my blessings tonight, but let’s all remember that people are homeless and trying to sleep in tents or under tarps in this stuff.

Re-post: Old Ideas

This post comes from Bob Wells, whose blog is about living in vehicles, but it strikes me as great advice for almost anyone who has become aware that they are unhappy with their lives. This goes well with a line from the book Alcoholics Anonymous that says, “Until we gave up our old ideas completely, the result was nil.”



If you could read this and don’t and then you complain that I didn’t give you my new phone number, you’re not getting much sympathy. My current number will not work after October 28.

I’m not finding much to say because I don’t get much feedback. I do this as a way to keep in touch with people and to have a dialog about whatever’s on my mind. If people don’t comment or respond on Facebook, I have nothing to work with. I’m not the type of person who writes because it’s a passion or self-expression or something. I’m not even sure what that means.

My sleep issue has improved to the point where I’m getting some things done even though I’m non-functional on the bus and some of the time sitting here at the computer. I phoned my lawyer and Social Security with my new phone number, got a paper to the welfare office, and bought a lot of groceries this week. I also talked to my High Priestess (at last!). There was some misunderstanding or fumble when I called on the Equinox, but we will celebrate Samhain.

So, right now I’m sitting here listening to the Knox County scanner via Internet and doing my usual Facebook/email/read blogs routine. Have a nice evening, unless you’ve made other plans.

Voting–You Gotta Want It


I took this just after voting today. Voting was definitely my accomplishment for today, and it was not easy. My polling place for the “regular” election is far from a bus line. Very far. It was already .4 miles from the nearest bus line, the #10 West Broad. Then, last week, I got a notice that it had been moved. Now it’s .7 miles away. Large numbers of people cannot walk that far. Sometimes I think the people making decisions would rather those of us with no car had no vote.

However, I’m determined to vote and I have spare time these days. I knew the early voting location was on Morse Road and directly on the #8 bus line. It’s 15 miles from here, but involves far less walking than trying to reach my polling place on November 8. I can’t count on being able to ride the bicycle because we’ve had snow here by that time of year, and I don’t ride in snow or ice. Today was gorgeous, so I didn’t have to chance it.

The ride was an hour and a half going there and about an hour and 40 minutes home. Actually voting was relatively easy. I went prepared with ID and the notice about the polling place to prove my address. The first day of early voting had begun to wind down by the time I got there, about 3:30 p.m. (1530). Plenty of people were voting, but there were few waiting. I voted for every Green Party candidate and filled in with Democrats in the other contested races. Then I got my sticker, walked to the bus stop, and took a picture while I waited. I’m not sure why my T-shirt came out looking textured like that. The picture makes my face look sort of strange too, but oh well.

I am satisfied that I have voted in what will surely be the most bizarre Presidential election of my lifetime. I’m not sure whether I want one or both of the major-party candidates to report to jail before the election, but it’s possible.

Another Kitchen Picture


Kitchen cabinets, full of groceries 10-8-2016

This is the part of my kitchen I didn’t post a few days ago. I’m even happier with this than with the other changes. I haven’t changed or upgraded anything here except for moving a few things to the shelves and filling the cabinets with food. I can’t reach the top shelves, but I had to put a few things there. That’s the happy part. I have all the food my cabinets can handle, with the exception of a few more items I’ll get soon. That hole next to the ramen noodles will fill with stuff I like better than ramen. My little fridge (lower right) is about as full as it gets as well.

I haven’t been “really” hungry much in my adult life, but I had days in my childhood when my choice was to eat something I could just barely swallow or do without eating. A few times, I didn’t even have that choice. As much of a minimalist as I am in most other things, I will put away enough non-perishable food to feed me for a long time.

Beyond the psychology of having experienced hunger, there’s another factor at work here. The government gives, and the government takes. I am due for a “re-authorization” of my food benefits this month, and I’m still trying to figure out the form they sent me two weeks ago. If you know that I spent a couple of decades building on my secretarial science college work, you might understand that the form is a bit difficult. Plenty of people lose their assistance because of these forms. If I get into trouble, at least I’ll be able to eat while I work to get it fixed.

There are food pantries here, but I have not gone near them. I never do unless I’m dramatically hungry. The pantries I have encountered share an attitude that the “clients” are pretty much scum, out to scam the system. This runs much deeper with those people than with the government workers administering programs. The government workers mostly have bizarre rules passed down to them from political higher-ups, and many have a predictable level of burnout. The people at the pantries, even though many volunteer, seem far more suspicious and judgmental. This may be different somewhere, but I have yet to see it.

Warning and Bill Pay Day


Another picture of the new phone

I have this feeling that a lot of people who will say they want my new number will be pissed off when they don’t ask for it and don’t get it. That’s based on the idea that people are not reading what I post even if they claim to be close friends. Guess what? I’m all out of patience for 2016.

I got the bills paid today, and I’m happy about that. It rained this morning, but that’s why I have three kinds of rain gear. Of course, most of the money’s gone, but it didn’t go to waste. That’s my accomplishment for today, too.

After that and a meeting, I wound down whether I wanted that or not. Now it’s 10 p.m. and I’m going to watch some local news and go to bed.