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The Kind of Thing I Think About–Repost

The Samaritans spark a linguistic debate

This kind of thing gives my brain something to do.

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Be Happier by Studying Happiness

Here’s a study of what people do that makes for more happiness. Hint: getting really rich doesn’t really help.

Happiness seems to be on everyone’s mind. Yes, we’re on a quest to be happier and we’re trying to game the system. No, it may not actually be helpful to overall happiness, who knows. But we’re curious, right? I decided that I will start this post as my one stop shop for all the quality […]

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A Nation of Believers?

After signing an executive order earlier this month that seeks to relax restrictions on the political activities of tax-exempt churches, President Trump said the order was an important affirmation of the American identity. “We’re a nation of believers,” he said. Trump is right in one sense — 69 percent of Americans say a belief in…

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Guest Blog #2: Living with NLD as an Adult

This is me with a different background. I’m older and have other diagnoses nowadays, but the way this feels resonates with me. I’m always tired, frustration is constant with me, and I can’t live up to my potential.

One Foot on the Spectrum: An NLD Blog

My next guest blogger has NLD like me, but is able to provide a prospective on the disability which I can’t yet: what it’s like to have NLD as an adult. The post is a bit long, but I encourage everyone to read it because it’s an amazing snapshot of NLD!

Despite my difficulty with writing (you wouldn’t know it from the end product, but there’s the crux of the issue), I’ve decided to give it a go and write a bit about my experience with NLD. Background: I was diagnosed at 17, towards the end of 11th grade. I spent my college years (6.5) figuring out how to work around my areas of difficulty in regards to academic life. I could spend a lot of time explaining all the useful things I figured out and the many ways I learned how to cope, but I’ll save that for another…

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Spring Arrives Early, Stupidity Stays Late

This is one of the best posts I’ve seen on the subject. Please note that he gives references; this is fact, not just “somebody’s opinion.”

Mark All My Words

It amazes me that there’s any debate whatsoever over the existence of climate change. So much evidence points to the inevitable conclusion that our world is changing for the worst and doing so at an alarmingly unanticipated rate. Let me give a short list of examples. The polar ice caps are melting. Forest fires are becoming increasingly common and increasingly dangerous. Birds are migrating earlier in winter and later in spring. Cold-dependent species are being forced to higher altitudes and are becoming smaller in size. Plants are blooming earlier and losing their leaves later. Parasitic organisms that thrive in warm climates are slowly but steadily expanding their range into previously uninhabitable territory. In short, the world is being radically and detrimentally altered in front of our very eyes, and yet corporate media and the political establishment continue to engage in the highly refined art of calculated stupidity. Even the newly…

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