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It’s me again

I haven’t posted in close to two months. To be honest, I just don’t have that “passion” for self-expression that other writers seem to build on. On top of that, I get little to no feedback, including from the person who encouraged me to write almost daily, as she did. (She said she wanted to stay in touch, but she didn’t say anything about the posts. Her health deteriorated since then and she has passed on.)

Also, I’ve been taking classes online through an outfit called edX. They are free unless I want a certificate to prove I took a given class. I’m just taking them for fun, but they take up a good bit of my time.

Digital Camera

I think I posted about the front shifter cable breaking on the Diamondback. During the winter, I didn’t worry about it because I didn’t have enough energy to use anything but the low gears anyhow. As the temperatures have risen, so has my energy level. I finally fixed the cable last week and got back to riding that one, which is still the “good” bike as far as actually riding.

4-24-2017 Stream near Eureka Ave on Camp Chase Trl

This picture comes from the trail that runs near my place. I couldn’t find a name for the stream, but the trail crosses it a 5-minute bicycle ride from home. By the way, this is in the Hilltop neighborhood, near Eureka Avenue. We have more going on here in Columbus and in the Hilltop than the crime you see on TV.

One of my goals for a while now is to ride a bike to London, Ohio, and camp for free at a little facility along the trail. I will give myself a day to ride the 22 miles, then come back the next day. One way I’m building up to that came today. I rode to Batelle-Darby Metro Park and back.

Batelle Metro Park 2

(These are cell phone pictures on a free phone. The quality kind of stinks, but I didn’t think to bring my camera.)

I didn’t remember to take breaks on the way down, and I only took one bottle of water. When I finally reached a place in the park (south part of it) that had water, the water was rusty and it didn’t clear up when I kept pumping for a while. Coming up the hill when I headed back, I realized that I had a wind to my right front. I made my way home with three breaks.

The good news is that I did it. The bad news is that once I sat down here I did nothing for three hours. I need much more stamina to do this distance (18 miles) without quite a bit of misery afterward.

I also need to improve my system so that I have much more water onboard. I might need to buy still another bike when I can. I’ve owned a couple of recumbent bikes in the past. Those are bikes that have a very different riding position, sort of laid back as in the next picture, which I found on the Internet. (This one is a Rans V, which I’ll never be able to afford.)


Recumbents do far better riding into the wind, and the wind blows almost all the time in this flat country. I won’t have the money (mostly $500 and up) for one of those any time soon, but eventually I’ll probably get another recumbent.

Other than that, Loretta and I finally got our dissolution of marriage. We got a bill for it, too. It will be 50% each, and that will be payments. We’re still friends.


Ghost of a Business

I walk east on West Broad Street most Saturday evenings. When darkness began to fall before the time I passed this area (about 6:30 p.m.), this sign caught my eye. A close look told me it had to be a glow-in-the-dark sign. The building is boarded up with the plywood painted black, but that sign outlasted the business that bought it. I found it hard to get the building into the picture with my cell phone, even editing it later. That last pic gives you the spooky, odd feel of the place, though.

Ok, but living quietly


Stolen from Wendy Usually Wanders

Asthma, arthritis, attention deficit¬† . . . that’s just the A’s. I’m feeling it with the weather swings. I’m ok, but I’m not doing anything interesting enough (even to me) to make a good posting. I asked a friend who has asthma and has traveled a lot how different places affect her breathing, and she singled out the humidity in Ohio as a problem. Yep. That and the fact that the weather changes radically from day to day here. Today was 25 degrees colder at 5 p.m. than yesterday. Tomorrow, snow. The next day, who knows? Tornadoes? Waterspouts?

Pretty Pictures


Looking east on #CampChaseTrail (part of #OhiotoErieTrail) in Columbus near Eureka Avenue 10-28-2016


Looking west on #CampChaseTrail (part of #OhiotoErieTrail) from just west of Eureka Avenue in Columbus. I’m not sure if this is a “rail trail,” because the railroad is still in use.

I don’t know if our leaves are at “peak color” or not here, but it’s very pretty. The weather was nice today, too, with temperatures in the 50s F and light winds from the south. I took these pictures around 4 p.m. (1600) about a mile from home.

As far as I know, my old phone with the 740 area code shuts off tonight. I’m still learning the new “smart” phone, but I know enough about it to make and receive calls. I took the pictures with it, too.

I’ve had some nice compliments on my clean shave, but I’m considering going back to the goatee or maybe a full beard for winter. That’s mostly because I continue to cut myself when I shave, almost always where the goatee grew. I grew that in the first place because it’s thick and difficult to shave. Feedback is welcome, though.

I’m a little sleepy and running out of things to say, so I’ll shut this off here.

Welcome Weather & Travel Stuff

(That’s not my picture. This one is from the National Park Service.)

I enjoyed today, even though I didn’t get out much. What I did get was a day without air conditioning. Yes! Today’s temperature came close to yesterday’s, but the dew point dropped nicely. With a dew point around 60 F, my fan was moving air all day instead of the air soup that has been here all through August. I left the a/c off from 7 a.m. until about 8:30 p.m. We’re expecting a cold front tomorrow that will give us three very nice days Friday through Sunday. I hope that prediction holds.

I felt better physically, and the sinus wash is working along with the improved weather. That means I can get more done in “mental” as well as physical work. I had no errands or chores awaiting me outside, so I spent most of my day in research and reading.

As many of you know, I’m always fascinated with places I could possibly live or visit. I spent much of this afternoon studying Asheville, North Carolina, on various Internet sources. (I’ll share those if anyone is interested.) Asheville is high enough in the mountains to have a climate similar to ours in Columbus, Ohio, but with less snow and more sunny days. The summer comfort level is slightly better than ours. The air quality is outstanding, and it seems I’d do well there with my health issues. They seem to have better transit than any place I’ve either lived or studied of their size (over 80,000). To top it off, Asheville is one of the few places with those advantages where the rents run lower than Columbus’s on the size of apartment I’d need. (You wouldn’t want to buy a house there, though. That’s a whole different story.) Will I ever move there? I don’t know. I’m staying in Columbus for now.

However, if I get my way, I’ll go through Asheville again, because the Blue Ridge Parkway runs just south of town. I drove that Parkway once, and if I have my way I will again. It’s an absolutely beautiful drive, and I’d like to take more time on it than the four days I was there with Loretta about ten years ago. There are many overlooks, short hikes, and side trips that we skipped. I could probably spend at least a week on that 469 mile drive, and another day on Skyline Drive, which runs around 50 miles through Shenandoah National Park northeast of the Parkway and connects directly to it. I’d start with Skyline Drive and go the whole way, slowly.

However, I’d skip Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the other end because we cut through there the last time and it was bumper to bumper traffic all the way across the Park and on through Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on the north side of the park. We drove about 20 miles in around an hour. What I’d do instead would be to explore the western end of North Carolina and/or East Tennessee, making a point of seeing the Cumberland Gap along the way.

Wow. I got so involved in writing about that trip that I forgot to watch the 10 o’clock news. Guess I’ll stay up late and catch the 11 o’clock newscast instead.

11 pm clip art

TV violence, hope, and alcoholic logic

I’m sitting here watching the 10 o’clock news stream on Fox 28. I think maybe 28 focuses more on the violence and crime in this city, but maybe not. There has been a shooting tonight at Wedgewood Apartments, large complex off Sullivant Avenue. I’m pretty brave, but I don’t go in there at night. What I always remember is that 98% of the people in Wedgewood are not violent, not thieves, not dangerous. They’re just poor, and too many of them become victims of the few dangerous ones. The victims can’t just go home. They are home, until they can find a way out.

On a low income, the places people can live are limited. I’m in a somewhat safer area, but I’m living here by doing without things like a microwave or TV. I am willing and able to do that, but not many are. The other choices for people in Wedgewood are places like Linden and Driving Park. On a given day or night, those places might be more dangerous than Wedgewood.

Two other stories offer some hope. One showed a meeting in Linden for people from all these neighborhoods with police, working to find solutions to the violence. The other discussed a big event at Dodge Park in Franklinton beginning tomorrow evening seeking to help heroin addicts. I hope some of this changes life for those folks. It’s hard staying away from the few dangerous people anywhere, but a low income and responsibility for children can make it all but impossible to escape the roughest areas.

All the same, my particular life is pretty good, regardless of what’s going on elsewhere or my money shortage. I’ve been in a couple of meetings today and I am also slowly figuring out things I need to know about my health and my medical insurance. Most of all, I don’t have to feel the awful isolation and fear of active addicts and their families. My recovery let me leave that behind. If I (or anyone) could say clearly how much difference that makes, meetings would probably be held in stadiums.

I’m glad to say the rough stuff on the news is over. The other “major” story is about those Olympic athletes who tore up a gas station in Rio while partying, paid for the damage at gunpoint, and told a very different story the next day. I wonder if they were in alcoholic blackouts. That’s the simplest explanation. They might very well have remembered the gun pointed at them and handing over money, but nothing else. They would have made up the rest just to fill in the blanks. If you think that’s outlandish, go to an open AA meeting and ask some alcoholics.

The weather continues muggy. Both Fox 28 tonight and NBC 4 last night promise a break by Monday. I hope so. I can’t go do outdoorsy things in this.

Heat, Humidity, Rain, Lightning

We didn’t have hail, tornadoes,¬† or snow today, but we had enough different weather for Ohioans to feel at home. The humidity kept me in air conditioned places and cars most of the day. I made no effort to join the Mayor and his helmet-wearing, bicycle-riding friends when they opened the nearby stretch of the Ohio to Erie Trail. The part I can see from my front door is called the Camp Chase Trail. I’m glad it’s open (as far west as Wilson Road), but I’ve already ridden it a few dozen times. Anyhow, I don’t like crowds or hobbyist riders. They see me as tacky and reckless, I think, and I have to keep from snickering or giggling at their ideas and “issues.”

Rain pic creative commons

I’ve had a pretty good day all around. I did enough reading and Internet to keep from boring myself, but not much “productive” stuff. I feel rested.

I’ve been reading a book called The Wisdom of Psychopaths, by Kevin Dutton. It’s an interesting read, and I might do a book review on it. Psychopaths, as I understand it, include plenty of people other than serial killers. The author is not one himself, but he has apparently made friends with several as well as studying them for his life’s work. I don’t think I’d rest easy if I had psychopathic friends, even the non-criminal kind. One really interesting part of the book discusses the ways scientists can alter people’s brains temporarily. The author experienced something like being a psychopath (briefly) by means of one of those technologies. Strange.

I did get out in the evening for a meeting less than a mile away via that same trail. That’s good, but that’s plenty of exercise for this day. The extreme heat indexes are expected to go away for the season in the next few days. I hope so.

I actually put my fan on its “high” setting about half an hour ago. That’s the first time I’ve needed “full power” since I got it. Okay, that’s enough of that. [Gets up, turns fan down, putters around.]

I ran into an old friend this evening. She seems well and healthy, and we had a nice conversation. She lives Downtown in a place that sounds interesting and is subsidized. Hmmm.

This is getting boring, so I’m going to give up and go to bed.